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Course & University Selection Advisory

We understand that every individual is different and so are their requirements and expectations. While helping students decide upon best suited courses and universities for them, we first understand their long term & immediate career goals along with understating their other individual requirements. For example, we believe, for an outgoing student Cosmopolitan London Universities might be the best option, but if a shy and introvert student might feel lost in the same environment, hence a campus-based university outside of London would be better suited.

Our detailed counseling approach starts with finalising best suited subject area/course and then selecting the Universities by assessing each application on very broad parameters and some of these parameters include:

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There are different rankings that can be looked into while selecting the university. There are the world ranking, overall University rankings, subject specific rankings, research rankings and more. And also there are different organizations that publish these rankings, hence it is important to know which rankings should be referred and how to understand and interpret these rankings, instead of blindly following them. Our team of expert advisers helps students in understanding these rankings and selects the best possible university options.

Career Opportunities

Based on the career opportunities and graduate placement prospects presented by the universities, government and other external agencies, we help each student select the right university best suited for them.


Location can play an important role in selecting a University. For example while living in London can present its charm, at the same time, it can mean a higher living expense and non-campus based student life. So we carefully help students’ select best-suited location, based on their individual preferences and life style.


Our advisers help students select best university options available to them with reasonable fees and best scholarship combinations. This is in addition to bringing into consideration the part-time work opportunities available in the local cities that the student can benefit from.

Campus Type

Some universities are campus-based universities wherein the teaching, accommodation and social activities all take place in the same place and some universities are non-campus or City universities. While the campus-based universities tend to give students a sense of belonging, non-campus universities can give students a feeling of independence.

Student Life

Student life is the time to study, time to gain maximum exposure, time to try different activities and time to explore oneself. Through student life and student activities, students get an opportunity to get involved in various activities outside of studies. Different universities offer different opportunities to students.

Career Opportunities

Based on the career opportunities and graduate placement prospects presented by the universities, we help each student select the right university best suited for them.

Cultural Diversity

All Universities in UK welcome a number of International students each year and have a good mix of people of different nationalities. Some students like to select universities that have good communities of students of the same nationality as themselves.

And many other individual applicant based requirements and parameters.

University Applications

As we officially represent 100’s of UK Universities, so all our team members have direct links with University’s admission office hence allowing us to make official applications and providing direct point of contacts for application follow up. And all our team members receive training and updates directly from Universities on application procedures and required documentation. All of this allows us to help students in processing applications for their chosen Universities and assistance in arranging supporting documents. Click here (hyperlink of List of Universities) to find the list of Universities where we can assist students in making an application.

Scholarship Applications

We ensure that our students apply for all available scholarships for their chosen course and Universities and hence all our advisers remain up to date on available scholarship opportunities and assist students with all their scholarship applications. Some of the scholarship opportunities that are still available for September, 2015 intake inlcude:

University of Nottingham

Undergraduate Scholarships of £2,000
Masters Scholarship: Multiple awards of £10,000
U-21 Masters Scholarship: 10% fee reduction scholarship on Tuition Fees available for Delhi University Students.
Business School Masters Level Scholarship: 25% fee reduction scholarship offered to students with over 65% in Bachelors.

University of Bath

International Scholarship of £3,000 for International Students for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level
Faculty of Engineering and Design Elite MSc Scholarship of £2,000
School of Management Masters Level International Scholarship of £3,000

University of Bristol

International Office Scholarship of £8,500 for Undergraduate and Postgraduate level

Nottingham Trent University

GREAT Scholarship of £6,000 for Indian Students at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level
International Scholarship of £2,000 at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level
Business School Scholarship of up to 50% fees reduction
Law School Scholarship of up to 50% fees reduction
School of Social Sciences Scholarship of up to 50% fees reduction
School of Science and Technology Scholarship of up to 50% fees reduction

Loughborough University

International Scholarship Scholarship worth 25% tuition fees reduction at both Undergraduate and Masters Level.

University of Southampton

Business School Scholarships of £3,000 and £5,000 scholarships offered to postgraduate students.

And at few other Universities.. Contact us today to learn more about all available scholarships and to apply for the Universities.

Student Visa

Tier 4 student Visa is a point based visa, evaluated on 40 points, of which 30 points is assigned to CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) that is issued by the University and 10 points to Maintenance Funds. For the student who is able eligible to claim 40 points will be granted the visa.

To Claim the 30 points for CAS, students need to present the CAS number, ATAS (if applicable) and TB Test. And, to Claim 10 points for Maintenance funds, you will need to demonstrate your ability to fund your tuition fees for the academic year plus a set amount for your living costs.

It is important to show the required funds in the right/ approved manner and present the right set of documents. And, for this we have a team highly trained and experienced visa experts that assess each individual’s profile and suggests the right documentation work for the visa. All our visa experts receive direct and regular training on UK Border Agency rules and regulations and have been successful in maintaining 100% visa success rate since last 6 years.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to get your profile assessed for the visa application to assure visa success rate.


There are two kinds of accommodations that students can choose to stay at while pursuing a course in UK:

Private Rented Houses where students can choose to share private houses with a couple of other friends. These are best booked once a student is in UK.

Student Accommodations can be further divided in two categories, i.e. University managed accommodation and Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). The PBSA are the student hostels that are privately managed. They are modernly built; provide more up-to-date infrastructure and hence provide more competitive prices.

To provide our students greater options in selection of their student accommodation in UK, we have partnered with Unilodgers to give them best options for Purpose Built Student Accommodation.